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Looking to play high school roller hockey?  High school hockey is part of the Anaheim Ducks Inline Scholastic League.  For more information on the league please follow the below link:


Please see below for the tryout and contact information for Santiago High, Norco High, and Crossroads.




Norco Contact:

Scott Uhle: sjuhle@sbcglobal.net

Jim Talbot: glamisguy@sbcglobal.net




Santiago Contact:

Todd Lorenz: toddlorenz@yahoo.com

Ron Gutierrez: rguterrezsta3@yahoo.com

Bill Shoemaker: shoemakersx5@yahoo.com

Tryout 1: September 13th at 5:30pm (Corona Inline)

Tryout 2: September 17th at 2:00pm (Corona Inline)

Cost: $10 for both tryouts.




Crossroads Contact:

Brad Northcutt: bradnorthcutt@gmail.com