We hope this message finds everyone doing well and staying healthy. 

As more and more parts of the state begin to open up, we are very happy to announce that registration for the Summer 2020 season at Corona Inline is now available. 

We will begin with our Adult Summer season on Monday, June 8th. At this time it will only be our Adult leagues to start. Our Youth Summer leagues will begin the week of June 15th. As we continue to move forward, we will slowly add back in our clinics/camps, stick time and public skating along with all our other daily activities. All our leagues and events will have safety precautions and some restrictions as we continue to move through this pandemic. 

Click here to register. 

We assure you the decision to open was not taken lightly. At this time we really only have 2 options; shut down or slowly and carefully resume operation and hope that our patrons come back. We have weighed both options and feel confident we have a plan in place that can provide a safe and healthy environment for all our families and staff. Listed below are a few changes that will be implemented in our day to day operation. 

● All registration must be done online to help minimize in person transactions. 
● All players must dress outside with the exception of skates; locker rooms at this time will 
not be available, however restrooms will be accessible. 
● Players may be required to have temperature taken before entering the facility. A 
reading of 100 or above will not be allowed in the building. Customers showing any 
symptoms or signs of sickness, or those that have been in contact with known positive 
cases are asked to stay home. 
● All staff, including referees will be required to wear masks. All staff will have 
temperature reading before the start of each work shift. 
● Rink 1 will have players enter through the main front doors and exit through the 
restaurant doors; Rink 2 will have players enter through the rear roll-up door and exit 
through the south-west exit door. Signs designating these locations have been added to 
the facility. 
● Players will only be permitted in the facility 10 minutes prior to game time and all 
players are asked to leave immediately following the completion of their game. Game 
times will be staggered to allow cleaning of the facility. 
● No spectators are allowed at this time for Adult league games. Youth league games will 
be allowed a 1 player to 1 parent/guardian ratio. 
● Benches will be sprayed down in between each game with a disinfectant. 
● The restaurant will be open for TO GO orders only; all seating areas are closed at this 
● SPITTING will be not be allowed in the facility at any time. 

We understand that some might not agree or be comfortable at this time to return but we have put our safety precautions in place to protect those that do want to participate and get back to playing hockey. 

As we said before, maintaining some type of normalcy in our day to day activities is part of staying healthy and we still believe that. By opening up and starting to offer just a little bit of regularity or an escape from the current state of the country is how we feel we can help and start leading us back. Thank you again to everyone for your support through these tough times.  We hope to see everyone back playing very soon. 

Thank you, 

Corona Inline Staff 

Please note that any of the above items are subject to change at any time as additional requirements are changed, lifted and/or added.